Corporate Entrepreneurial Center
Identifying the Innovators for Your Team

We help organizations (like yours) identify and reliably predict those innovatively inclined; both for incoming candidates and those already on the team.

As you undoubtedly know and recognize, innovation is more than just cliché; it is a critical component for surviving and thriving. However, sustainable innovation doesn’t just happen. It is driven by innovators and those innovatively inclined.

We fill the existing screening and assessment gap to identify and reliably predict candidates with real innovation potential as well as identifying those innovatively inclined already employed.

Through our testing assessments and available workshops and consulting, we have helped transform cultures of stagnation to cultures of innovation and engagement.

We continue to do this, do it well and can do it for your company too!

Hiring and retaining those who are innovatively inclined.
What do companies find most challenging?
Keys to developing the innovative organization.
Adaptive vs. Radical
New doesn’t necessarily mean transformation.
The difference between adaptive (new wheel) and radical (reinventing the wheel altogether) might just be the difference between minimal new profitability and wild success and profitability.
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